CNN 9 Oct 2020

The dark truth behind the million-dollar 'black gold' business


In July 2020, US authorities seized 13 tons of human hair imported from Xinjiang, China, and alleged the products were made with forced labor. CNN's Ivan Watson traces the supply chain of the multimillion-dollar hair business in the US and uncovers the dark truth behind it.

The Democratic presidential ticket is ‘all systems go' as they look ahead to the final months before the election, and are out with a new ad using the president's words against him. Aired on 8/24/2020.
Scoop Jackson tells the story of the Los Angeles Lakers' Black Mamba jerseys that were inspired by Kobe Bryant and how the team has worn them to honor Bryant.

#NBA #Kobe #Lakers
"There are a lot of common misunderstandings or myths about street gangs," crime expert
Steven Dudley told Inside Edition Digital. In particular, the group Mara Salvatrucha-13, or MS-
13. MS-13 has received a lot of attention in the media, and not every depiction has been
accurate. According to Dudley, the group "is a very useful political tool for people who want to
vilify immigrant populations." Dudley is the author of the recent "MS-13: The Making of
America's Most Notorious Gang."
United Airlines takes Newsy behind the scenes as is tackles the mammoth task of grounding, and ungrounding, hundreds of planes during the pandemic.

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