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National Geographic 30 Oct 2020

The Dangers of Free Diving


It is easy to forget how dangerous swimming underwater can be, especially when discussing free diving.

Morgan Freeman travels around the world in search of a greater understanding of the concept of freedom. From solitary confinement and forced labor camps to social taboos and laws that hinder speech and expression, freedom seems to be a constant struggle. As individuals and as entire nations, we are confronted with the question: Will we all ever be truly free?
President Donald Trump said Thursday he is disappointed in Attorney General Bill Barr for saying that the Justice Department had no uncovered evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Trump pushed back the comments that Barr made in an interview with the Associated Press earlier this week, which represented a break with the president's own unsubstantiated claims about fraud in the election.

"He hasn't done anything, so he hasn't looked. When he looks he'll see the kind of evidence that right now you are seeing in the Georgia senate. They are going through hearings right now in Georgia and they are finding tremendous volumes," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "So, they haven't looked very hard. Which is a disappointment, to be honest with you, because it's massive fraud."

Trump also declined to offer a vote of confidence in Barr when asked.

"Ask me that in a number of weeks from now. They should be looking at all of this fraud," Trump said. "This is not civil. He thought it was civil. This is not civil. This is criminal stuff. This is very bad criminal stuff."
Trump made the comments to reporters during a ceremony in the Oval Office during which he awarded famed former football coach Lou Holtz the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Barr said in an interview with the AP published Tuesday that the Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the result of the presidential election.

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So you've bought a Christmas tree, and now you have to figure out how to get it home. For those that live in the suburbs, it's typical to tie it to the roof of the car and drive home. Forty-four percent of Americans who plan to buy a Christmas tree use unsafe methods to get it back to their house. AAA's Shani Jarvis gave us some tips on how to avoid dangerous mishaps that could leave your tree ruined, or worse - cause a car accident. Make sure to load the tree with the trunk facing forward!
WASHINGTON: Days after the chaotic scene which played out at the Capitol involving a fringe group of Trump supporters, 'big tech' and major media networks have responded by promptly enacting and calling for further censorship and punishment of anyone on the conservative side of the aisle, says Newsmax TV's Sean Spicer. - via Spicer & Co., weekdays at 6PM ET on Newsmax TV

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