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The Guardian 14 Feb 2020

The coronavirus cat rescuer of Wuhan


It is estimated that more than 30,000 pets have been left stranded after the Chinese government sealed off Wuhan following the coronavirus outbreak. In response, people trapped in Wuhan have been volunteering and checking in on the animals whose owners are stuck outside the city. Here's Ye Jialin's story of helping those who are currently not allowed to return home

After 76 days in lockdown the Chinese city of Wuhan is open again.

Quarantine restrictions have largely been lifted, with trains and flights operating from the city where the coronavirus outbreak began.

Asia Correspondent Tom Cheshire speaks to residents relieved to be leaving the house.
For some, Wuhan will forever be associated with the coronavirus outbreak. But the city is much more than that. For Laura Gao, it's the city where she was born. And she wanted to introduce the world to the Wuhan she knows. So she created a comic highlighting her favorite parts of the city. The goal is to provide a glimpse of Wuhan that showcases its history, landmarks and food. CGTN's Elaine Reyes and Laura discuss her comic series- The Wuhan I Know.
More people are working from home and online due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but now, more threats to people's online activities are on the rise. CGTN's Mark Niu takes a look at how cyber threats remain in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Health experts say prepare for the worst, as the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world. And a grim prognosis for the United States. More than 200 thousand Americans could die from the outbreak. While the human cost is staggering, the economic price is also high, sending global financial markets into a tailspin and nations spiraling toward a recession.
We begin our coverage with CGTN's Nathan King live at the White House.

To discuss the coronavirus pandemic:

Kate Tulenko is Founder and CEO of Corvus Health.
Einar Tangen is an economic and political affairs commentator.
Anthony Chan was a former Chief Economist for JPMorgan Chase and Co.
Joseph Williams is Senior News Editor for US News and World Report.

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