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The Colorado Home Built for 'Glamping'


Kristin Tang first camped on her lakeside property in Fruita, Colorado. Then, she wanted to make that feeling permanent, creating a home comprised of three yurts. She gives us a tour of her high-end glamping retreat.

Photo: Alex Griffin

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(pleasant electronic music)
- The house here is a lakefront property
that's designed to welcome lots of friends and family
to enjoy Western Colorado.
(pleasant piano and light rock music)
The property started as a place
where we did camp and then it sort of evolved
into a full house that incorporates yurts into the design.
It was inspired by wanting to have the comforts of home
yet still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors
and the camping life.
I think it's really high-end glamping (chuckles).
(pleasant light rock music)
Hi, I'm Kristin, welcome to my lake house.
Come on in.
The interior square footage of the home
I think is about 2200 square feet
and then with the exterior, it's about 3500.
The house itself has two bedrooms
and one and a half bathrooms.
(pleasant light rock music)
Let's start in the kitchen, which is the central hub
of the whole house and our property.
At the sink, you can really see
all the outside of the property.
I have four kids, and so when we were designing the house,
it was important for me to be able
to let the kids be outside but really being able
to see them and make sure that they are safe.
My favorite detail of the kitchen
was an unexpected surprise.
We chose the painted glass backsplash in blue,
so even if you're sitting on the other side
of the island, you can still enjoy the view
and see what's going on outside.
And then over here, we have the living room yurt.
This is our main indoor space
that features our living area plus the dining area.
It is inspired after a traditional yurt
with the round room and the skylight in the center.
I've had some great yurt experiences,
and they just have this amazing feel to them.
What I love about the round shape of the room
is it really is inviting and warm.
You really feel connected to the people around you
and when you sit here on the couch in the center
of the room, you can enjoy the lake view
and it's situated in a way where you feel
like you're floating on the water.
(rhythmic electro rock music)
The house is composed of three different yurts,
so we'll go to the next yurt,
which is the master bedroom.
(rhythmic electro rock music)
So another unique feature to traditional yurts
are the way that the roof is built
with a raftered ceiling that lets in a lot of extra light,
both during the day and also on full moon nights,
and then also, if you look carefully at night,
you can see the stars through there.
So the third yurt in the house is a kids bunk room.
(rhythmic electro rock music)
The main objective of this room is to sleep my four kids
and as many of their friends as possible.
We have the four twin beds,
and then each bed has a trundle underneath
that we can pull out, so it sleeps eight.
A fun feature of the house is a hidden loft space.
I can take you up there.
(pleasant electro rock music)
So this is just a fun additional indoor living space
that gets used primarily by the teenagers
as their hangout space
when the weather's not so great outside.
(pleasant electronic music)
Now that I've shown you inside the house,
I'd like to show you the outside,
which is where we spend most of our time.
The main idea behind the design of the house
was to integrate indoor and outdoor living,
so we have our outdoor dining area,
we have a full outdoor kitchen
as well as an outdoor living room area.
(pleasant electronic music)
So down here, we have our dock and our boathouse.
We probably spend 90% of our time
out on the water in the summer.
We love the activity on the water,
wake surfing, water skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking.
When we first acquired this property,
we actually camped on it for a couple years
before building, and so then when we built the house,
we wanted to include that option for our friends,
and so we built this little camping area for them.
We have a section of the property
that's a little bit separate
where we'd like to put up a couple yurts
and set up a true glamping experience
and then rent that out to other like-minded people
who come down to Fruita to enjoy the biking
and the hiking and the watersports.
I think everyone should take the opportunity
to experience a yurt.
There's something special about being in a round space.
My architect actually described it once
as feeling like a hug.
Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed the lake house.
(pleasant rock music with buzzing bass)

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