Forbes 16 Apr 2020

The Challenges Of Remote Learning During A Pandemic: One Teacher's Story


Nina Ciatto is a middle school teacher at the center of the pandemic in Manhattan. When the Coronavirus outbreak hit, she and her fellow faculty members had to shift to an online model of teaching quickly and with limited resources and tools. A mother herself, Ciatto also learned quickly how important it was to separate her teaching from her home life and where the boundaries needed to be drawn. Educators across the country are innovating to find new ways of reaching their students and Ciatto is no different. In this episode of Forbes Firsthand, she reflects on her role as a teacher in an uncertain America.

South Carolina Gamecocks women's basketball head coach Dawn Staley joins Golic & Wingo to discuss the protocols necessary for student athletes to begin returning to campus in the summer, as well as the challenges the student athletes and coaches will face.

The coronavirus is taking a devastating toll on some of the most vulnerable in our society. Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County Executive Director Robert McGuire joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the challenges of coronavirus for developmentally disabled Americans. Aired on 4/17/2020.
Three mothers and a father speak with NBC News correspondent Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani about the anxiety and joy of giving birth during a pandemic.
As a survey finds 36% of students in low-income schools are not logging into class, teacher Dean Bryson says: "The students who are the most vulnerable in the classroom are the same students who it's hardest to contact." Aired on 4/30/2020.

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