ESPN 3 Jan 2020

The Browns plan to hire a coach before searching for a new GM


The Get Up crew reacts to Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam saying the Browns will hire a head coach before hiring a general manager.
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In this 20-minute stretch of highway, the 2016 presidential election results inverted. Now, it's critical turf in the GOP's fight to retake Nevada.
Around the world governments are battling to keep pace with the spread of the coronavirus. In Italy nearly 800 people have died within the last 24 hours, bringing the total of deaths there to 4,825. A lockdown to limit the spread has been in place for weeks. Now tougher measures have been introduced in the worst hit area of Lombardy, with the regional president announcing that from tomorrow all sport and physical activity outside, even on your own, will be banned.

The husband of a British woman - who died after testing positive for the Coronavirus whilst on holiday in Bali - has spoken for the first time of the devastation of his loss. Kimberley Finlayson who was 52, had underlying health conditions and had undergone two emergency operations in an Indonesian government hospital. Mr Finlayson said perhaps the outcome for his wife might have been different if she had been treated in the UK.

Presented by Kate Silverton, with reporting from Jeremy Cook and Sima Kotecha.
Will the new strategy allow Europe to catch up with the US and China while protecting citizens from the risks of artificial intelligence? Euronews takes a look.…
This is part of the Government's push to tackle climate change and move towards sustainable fuel.

At the same time the Government plans to build new coal mines.

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