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Inside Edition 9 Oct 2019

The Bizarre Story Behind a Terrifying Clown Named Wrinkles


A new documentary tells the story of Wrinkles the Clown, who first went viral after video showed him crawling out from underneath a little girl's bed. Wrinkles, who got his name thanks to a distinctive droopy mask with empty black sockets for eyes, was profiled by The Washington Post in 2015. For "a few hundred bucks cash," he told the paper then, he'd scare your child into behaving. Little stickers around Florida with a phone number offered a way to contact him.

The movie "Rocketman" details the defining moments in the life of the legendary Elton John, whose career has spanned more than 50 years. But what's the true story behind the film? The movie shows how he went from humble roots to global stardom, and it wasn't always pretty. It goes back to Elton's upbringing in the U.K. in a family that didn't always support his love of music.'s Mara Montalbano has more.
George Clooney's new miniseries, "Catch-22," is based on Joseph Heller's famous World War II novel of the same name. But what's the true story of "Catch-22"? Heller biographer Tracy Daugherty told, "The novel was based very much on his experiences in the military." Heller served as a bombardier in Europe, flying more than 60 missions. Historian Patricia Chapman Meder said, "He was a good soldier. He did what he was told and he did it well."
The Oscar-nominated film "Roma" is captivating English-speaking audiences with its raw portrayal of the everyday life and struggles of a domestic worker in Mexico. The main character Cleo Gutierrez is based on a real person. Her name is Libo Rodriguez, and she was a housekeeper and the nanny for the family of the film's director, Alfonso Cuaron. Rodriguez came to work for Cuaron's family when he was just a baby. He says many of the film's scenes came right out of his own memory.
Unlikely is hardly the word to describe the friendship between Ann Atwater and C.P. Ellis. Atwater, a community activist, and Ellis, head of the local KKK, had to come together in order to integrate the Durham school system in 1971. The pair not only peacefully accomplished the task, but became friends— which resulted in Ellis leaving the white supremacist group.'s Stephanie Officer explains.

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