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Huffington Post 2 Oct 2020

Texas Governor Shuts Down Absentee Ballot Drop-Off Sites


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is going to shut down absentee ballot drop-off locations across the state, leaving only one site per county. This decision will make it harder for senior citizens and disabled people to vote.

Rachel Maddow reports on an abrupt order by Texas governor Greg Abbott to reduce the number of ballot drop boxes to one per county. Aired on 10/01/2020.
Progressive groups in Texas are suing to block a last-minute order from Governor Greg Abbott that limits the number of drop-off locations for absentee ballots. Under the order, the state can have no more than one ballot-drop off location per county. Politico's Texas correspondent Renuka Rayasam joins CBSN "Red & Blue" host Elaine Quijano with more on the legal battle, as well as details on the state's changing electorate.
Voters are suing Texas Governor Greg Abbott after he restricted voting drop boxes in the state to one per county. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.
California's Secretary of State issued a cease-and-desist order, telling the state's GOP to remove illegal ballot drop boxes by Thursday. But, the party isn't backing down, citing the state's "ballot harvesting" law. CBS News campaign reporter Musadiq Bidar joined Elain Quijano to discuss.

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