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The Guardian 7 Feb 2020

Teranga: the migrant-run Afrobeats nightclub uniting Naples


Fata and Yankuba are two young Gambians with ambitious dreams, who fled dictatorship and poverty and landed in Naples, only to discover a new kind of violence: a pernicious climate of racism and an unhelpful immigration system. Their only escape from the psychological torture of years spent waiting for documents in squalid camps is a small underground club in the heart of the city. The Teranga nightclub provides a rare safe space for migrants to meet young Italians while dancing and singing away the collective trauma of their journeys to Europe and the discrimination they face in Italy

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams debate whether LeBron James or Kevin Durant would make the better running mate for Michael Jordan.
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Stephen A. Smith addresses his concerns for QB Ben Roethlisberger's durability and the Pittsburgh Steelers' running game ahead of the NFL season.
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Alex Rodriguez joins Mike Greenberg to talk about all things Major League Baseball during the coronavirus pandemic, discussing the possibility of large amounts of doubleheaders, Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner's idea to end MLB games in extra innings with a home run derby, his memories of the first New York Yankees game after Sept. 11, 2001, and more.
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The Get Up crew discusses what Christian McCaffrey's new contract with the Carolina Panthers will mean for the running back market around the NFL.
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