CNN 17 Nov 2020

Tensions between Morocco and Western Sahara's independence movement intensify


CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Dr. Sidi Omar, UN representative for the Polisario Front, about the rising tensions between the Western Sahara independence movement and Morocco. According to the group's news agency, Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali announced the group will no longer abide by the commitment to the 29-year-old ceasefire after he cited Moroccan border operations as a provocation.

CNNi's Becky Anderson speaks to Omar Hilale, Morocco's permanent representative to the United Nations, about the tensions between Morocco and Western Sahara independence movement after the end of a 29-year ceasefire.
Several people were injured in what French officials described as a "bomb attack" in the Saudi city of Jeddah. The attack took place at a ceremony marking the end of World War I at a cemetery for non-Muslims organised by the French consulate in Jeddah.

FRANCE 24's chief foreign editor Robert Parsons says the explosion, which comes two weeks after an attack on a French security guard in the country, points to growing tensions between France and the Muslim world.
For decades, Turkey's membership in NATO was seen as a stabilizing force.
The Atlantic Alliance helped both to anchor the country in the western world and to cool tensions with neighbouring Greece. But 21st century Turkey is a more assertive power.
It has interests in both the Middle East and Central Asia and those may not sit comfortably with its role in the North Atlantic alliance.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Robert Hunter, Former US Ambassador to NATO
Fabrice Pothier, International Institute for Strategic Studies
Yusuf Alabarda, Turkish Armed Forces (Retired)
Authorities reported a number of arrests and also said some policemen were hospitalized.


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