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Voice of America 20 May 2020

Teenager Turns Teacher After COVID Cancels Classes


Schools in Gaza closed amid fears of COVID-19, so a 13-year-old girl stepped up to teach the children in her neighborhood #Gaza

Returning to work after his recovery from Covid-19, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recognized the difficulties presented by the lockdown but urged the nation to "keep going" amid fears of a second wave.
94-year-old Jack Holzberg survived the Holocaust and COVID-19. When he was finally able to reunite with his family after beating the coronavirus, the health care workers who took care of him rolled out a red carpet.
Retail stores are beginning to reopen in some provinces after being shut down due to COVID-19, but with new health measures in place businesses could operate very differently when they start welcoming customers again.

Vice President Mike Pence is taking the advice of the White House medical unit and plans to work remotely. Pence is reevaluating how he will be interacting with others after his press secretary tested positive for COVID-19. The vice president did not test positive for the virus and is taking precautions to avoid spread.

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