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Inside Edition 31 Dec 2020

Teen Pays for College by Naming Chinese Babies


Beau Jessup has named over 677,000 babies, and it's earned her enough money to pay for college and more. The teen created a website called "Special Name" that helps Chinese parents decide on an English moniker for their babies. At the age of 16, Beau was asked by one of her father's work colleagues to help pick an English name for her baby. She recognized the difficulty in choosing a name in a different language, and built a website to help. Inside Edition Digital's TC Newman has more.

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Lord Chris Patten, who was the last British governor of Hong Kong, said China had betrayed its commitment to preserve "one country, two systems" in the city. "Hong Kong's been put into handcuffs by the Chinese regime," Lord Patten said, referring to Beijing's crackdown there in recent months. Of the Chinese Communist Party, he said: "You can't trust [it] further than you can spit."
NBC News speaks to high school seniors about their decisions to apply for college amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
At least 5 million Chinese tourists a year visited Europe before the COVID-19 crisis and industry professionals are now preparing for their return to the continent.
Some of the most terrifying insurrectionists who breached the U.S. Capitol have been identified and arrested. Among them were two men who were seen with zip-tie handcuffs, prompting speculation that they planned to take hostages. One, retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Rendell Brock, was identified by his ex-wife, who reported him to the FBI after she recognized him in photos. Eric Munchel, 30, was wearing tactical gear, including gloves with reinforced knuckles, also carried zip-tie cuffs.

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