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NBC News 22 Apr 2020

'Tackle Two Crises At Once,' Greta Thunberg Says Of Coronavirus And Climate Change


Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg said environmental problems were not slowing down "even at times like this" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Texas Congressman and former Navy SEAL officer Dan Crenshaw comments exclusively on the combating narratives on the threat of climate change, the cultural impact activist Greta Thunberg has had on the world, and more. - with Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly

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The Chinese embassy in London has hit back at the UK, calling its offer of safe haven to Hong Kong residents "irresponsible" and a "gross interference in China's internal affairs."

The spat follows Beijing's approval of a new national security bill that cracks down on protest and dissent in the semi-autonomous territory. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he'll extend residency rights for up to 3 million Hong Kongers eligible for the British National Overseas passport. Australia says it's also considering an similar offer.
NBC News' Leigh Ann Caldwell speaks to a group of Olympic athletes who are addressing climate change while quarantined at home.
Kevin Costner says full coronavirus toll unimaginable

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