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CBS News 13 Aug 2019

"Tabloid" podcast explores the evolution of Ivanka Trump


Vanessa Grigoriadis, host of New York magazine's "Tabloid" podcast, joined "Red and Blue" to discuss Ivanka Trump's rise to political power after years of being a tabloid fixture.

MSNBC Correspondent Cal Perry is on the ground in South Dakota amidst protests for President Trump's visit to mark the Fourth of July. Aired on 7/3/2020.
For more than 20 years, abortion has been banned in El Salvador and scores of women have been jailed. Now, advocacy groups are calling for those women to be released from prison due to the coronavirus. CBS News reporter Kate Smith traveled to the Central American country to explore the issue for the CBS News Digital documentary "Jailed for Abortion in El Salvador," and she joins CBSN with more.
Max Kellerman, Domonique Foxworth and Damien Woody discuss how athlete activism has changed over time and weigh in on how athletes in today's society are using social media and participating in protests to create social change.

Ivanka Trump gave an online graduation address to the Class of 2020 at WSU Tech.

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