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CBS News 13 Aug 2019

"Tabloid" podcast explores the evolution of Ivanka Trump


Vanessa Grigoriadis, host of New York magazine's "Tabloid" podcast, joined "Red and Blue" to discuss Ivanka Trump's rise to political power after years of being a tabloid fixture.

Vicky Ward, book author of "Kushner, Inc." discusses the influence of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in the Trump White House.
Eyebrows were raised when the US president's daughter took centre stage alongside world leaders at the G20 summit. So what is Ivanka Trump's White House job and how effective has she been?

Reporting by Anthony Zurcher, edited by Angelica Casas
Video posted by the French government featured a brief clip of Ivanka Trump in conversation with world leaders behind the scenes at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.
Former Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson shown a light on workplace harassment at McDonald's in her documentary "Breaking the Silence." As demonstrators took to the streets to protest the company Wednesday, Carlson joins CBSN to discuss the evolution of the #MeToo movement since she sued and won a harassment case against her former boss Roger Ailes in 2016.

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