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CBS News 13 Aug 2019

"Tabloid" podcast explores the evolution of Ivanka Trump


Vanessa Grigoriadis, host of New York magazine's "Tabloid" podcast, joined "Red and Blue" to discuss Ivanka Trump's rise to political power after years of being a tabloid fixture.

CGTN's Mike Walter speaks with Afra Zhao Wang, host of "Loud Murmurs," a Chinese-language podcast about pop culture, about the evolution of women's rights in China.
Keyshawn Johnson explores the possibility of the Dallas Cowboys selecting a quarterback to lead the franchise following Dak Prescott's ankle injury.
President Trump has long claimed, without much evidence, that voter fraud plagues American democracy. In a recent New York Times Magazine article entitled, "The Attack On Voting: How President Trump's false claim of voter fraud is being used to disenfranchise Americans" Jim Rutenberg explores the impact not just on the 2020 election, but also on voters across the country who are being targeted. Rutenberg joined CBSN to discuss his reporting on the issue.
President Trump appeared to be working in the Oval Office on Wednesday as a Marine stood guard outside the White House.

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