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ABC News 14 Nov 2020

Susan Powell vanishes while her husband says he went camping with sons: Part 1


After what Josh Powell claims was a camping trip with the family's two young sons, his wife was nowhere to be found. Josh says he left her at home. Her friends say they had a troubled marriage.

President Trump again attacks Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her husband over her COVID-19 policy.
With wife still missing, Josh Powell returns, says he went camping with kids
Josh Powell's sister finds Susan Powell's purse at her home. Detectives question Josh and search his van, where they find Susan's phone. Their son says Susan was camping with them.

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Alice Roberts shares her thoughts on President Trump and reveals she has spoken with presidential candidate Joe Biden following the death of her husband from coronavirus.
US President Donald Trump says he is doing well, but that the next few days will be the "real test".

The video, posted on Twitter on Saturday evening, comes after mixed messages earlier in the day about his health, after a Covid-19 diagnosis.

The president's physician said late on Saturday that Mr Trump was doing well and had made "substantial progress since diagnosis".

Mr Trump is spending his second night in hospital.

Dr Sean Conley said in a statement that "while not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic" about the president's condition.

A few hours earlier, in the four-minute video message, Mr Trump, dressed in a suit jacket and shirt with no tie, thanked the doctors and nurses at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center close to Washington DC, where he is being treated.

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