CNN 29 Nov 2019

Surprising candidate draws support deep in Trump country


In Eastern Kentucky, the hosts of the Trillbilly Workers Party podcast ridicule the Democratic Party and praise 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders.

In the Oval Office, Attorney General Bill Barr voiced support for President Trump's executive order on regulating social media companies.
WATCH: In order to conduct a COVID-19 test swabs are essential, and Dr. Vin Gupta says the U.S. does not have enough: "We don't talk about this enough … we don't have enough swabs in this country." Aired on 04/09/2020
As protests continue nationwide following the death of George Floyd, Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah joined CBSN to discuss how Western media might cover the story if it happened in another country.
During a Senate Judiciary Hearing, Sen. Lindsey Graham unleashed some blunt words for his colleagues, stating that "You've made it abundantly clear you don't agree with what I am doing, you think I am in Trump's pocket."

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