The New York Times

The New York Times 4 Mar 2020

Super Tuesday Is Over. What Just Happened?


Joe Biden had a strong showing but Bernie Sanders picked up the biggest prize of the night, California. Times political reporter Alex Burns lays out what happened, and what it means for Democrats going forward.

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JUST IN: "Yes, I think you can say the worst is over," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says. "It has not overwhelmed the health care system. We have controlled he spread."

Cuomo also cautioned: "The worst is over—if we continue to be smart." #andrewcuomo #newyork #flatteningthecurve #covis19 #coronavirus
Sen. Kamala Harris on Barr's politicization of the DOJ: "This man doesn't understand what it means to do justice. He does whatever is at the pleasure of Donald Trump. And he should resign." Aired on 05/12/2020.
Eight-year-old is CEO of his own business, which helps veterans
Candida Auris is the new superbug on the block you've probably never heard of, and it is invading healthcare systems worldwide.

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