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Super Bowl Stories: Road to Miami - Erin Andrews' favorite Super Bowl memory


Erin Andrews' favorite Super Bowl? It undoubtedly has to be her first, between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.

When you're a three-time Super Bowl champion, it can be hard to pick out a best moment. But Super Bowl XXVII was extra special for Troy Aikman.
There's absolutely nothing like making the call on who wins or loses a Super Bowl. Mike Pereira reflects on the Pittsburgh Steelers' game-winning TD vs. the Arizona Cardinals.
UN Special Representative for South Sudan David Shearer attributed the progress in the country to the "political willingness of two men who put the interests of their country first" and said, "We often speak of courage in war and battle. But peace also requires courage."

Addressing the Security Council via teleconference from Juba today (04 Mar) Shearer highlighted the positive developments that have moved the country further along the road to sustainable peace. He paid tribute to the political willingness of President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar for putting the interests of their country first in their agreement on a transitional government.

Shearer added that relief was the overwhelming feeling expressed around the country, with the consensus being that the priority is to form the transitional government so that the peace agreement - and the country - can advance. He said parties were now negotiating over the allocation of ministerial portfolios.

He noted that the new government could prompt positive change, with internally displaced people and refugees being able to return. Already around 800,000, according to IOM, have come back since the signing of the 2018 peace agreement.

SOUNDBITE (English) David Shearer, Special Representative of Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS):
"The first joint statement from the new presidency - that's the President and the Vice Presidents together - urged people from POC sites, protection sites, and neighbouring countries to return to their homes. Their collective message is significant and is timely, coming ahead of the rainy season and also the planting season. The message does, of course, put onus on the new government to ensure that areas of return are safe for those coming back."

For its part, the UN Mission has stepped up its protective presence to build confidence in the areas of return. However, the Special Representative said the lack of basic health and education services in rural areas has discouraged returns.

Shearer said the new government faces daunting challenges on day one that will test its unity, particularly the need to move on the transitional security arrangements where implementation is dangerously lagging. He added that the new government also faces a precarious humanitarian situation in many states, especially with extensive flooding last year which destroyed crops, contaminated water supplies, and led to the loss of livestock.

The Special Representative said the international community would likely lean on the side of caution as to not repeat past mistakes, which he said was fair, but added that it could not totally step back to wait to see what happens before making a commitment.

SOUNDBITE (English) David Shearer, Special Representative of Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS):
"Our actions can push South Sudan further toward sustainable peace; our inaction can help condemn it to failure. In the past weeks, its leaders have shown leadership. It is hoped that will continue. But it is imperative there is no reneging of the peace agreement or of the ceasefire. International partners must remain engaged — both in solidarity and, at times, with pressure — to encourage compromise in order to achieve and maintain the unity."
Pete Buttigieg has ended his 2020 presidential bid, triggering a major shift in the Democratic race ahead of Super Tuesday. Senator Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls in some delegate-heavy states, as Joe Biden looks to capitalize on his South Carolina victory. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe reports from Washington while CBSN political reporter Caitlyn Huey-Burns joins us from Houston to break down the latest.

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