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National Geographic 27 Dec 2020

Submarine Rescues Stranded Aviator


After a successful attack on the Japanese island of Chichi-jima, an allied plane is shot down. The pilot survives and ends up in the ocean. It is up to a submarine in the area to rescue the stranded aviator.

Russia's Vladimir Monomakh submarine fired four Bulava missiles from underwater in the Sea of Ohkotsk, hitting targets with dummy warheads over 3,400 miles away in Russia's north western Arkhangelsk region, according to the country's defense ministry.
Lawson P. Ramage, a submarine commander during World War II, leads an assault on a heavily-escorted Japanese convoy.
Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been left stranded without shelter in the winter cold after attempts to relocate them following a fire at a camp fell through.
It was all hands on deck to rescue a man from rising flood waters in Peru. Responders needed to save the man after his vehicle became stuck in the deluge. They found him stranded on top of his truck, in a hard-to-reach spot. They lowered a tire, tied to rope, and placed it around the man's waist. It took several emergency workers to pull him up. Recent heavy rains have slammed part of South America, causing flooding in cities and towns.

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