NewsNet 19 Oct 2020

Students Use Virtual Reality To Learn During Pandemic


As more students transition to online learning during coronavirus, virtual reality is being integrated into remote lessons to keep kids engaged. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

Businesses that require person to person contact are amongst the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and that includes the performing arts.

In Venezuela, dancers are working within the confines of a one week on, one week off quarantine.

The curtain is closed, but the dancers are perfecting their craft and finding new ways to bring the beauty of ballet to appreciative audiences.
New York City high schools resumed in-person classes Thursday, completing the final phase of reopening the nation's largest school system. (Oct. 1)
As France faces an unprecedented recession due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government is spending billions of euros to protect businesses and households. The emergency aid means the state will absorb the majority of the economic shock.
Restaurants nationwide are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is projected that half of New York City's restaurants may close in the next six months due to the virus. Morning Joe looks at two Manhattan locations struggling to stay afloat. Aired on 11/16/2020.

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