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Voice of America 10 Feb 2020

Stranded Brazilian Commuters Rescued From Car Roofs After Heavy Flooding


Severe flooding after heavy rains drowned much of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday, February 10.

Various neighborhoods and cities in the Sao Paulo area were stranded atop their cars and homes as firefighters scrambled to airlift them to safety.

Local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo through Monday. (REUTERS)

An Austrian BASE jumper was rescued in southern Thailand after being stuck for hours 200 meters above the ground on a cliff side, Monday, January 13.

Nearby residents of Phattalung spotted the 28-year-old Johannes Grasser dangling by his parachute cords early in the morning.

Rescue workers were forced to hike to the top of the cliff and lower a climber down, reaching Grasser by 2 p.m. local time and lowering him to safety.

BASE jumping stands for building, antenna, span (such as a bridge) and earth (such as a cliff), the four most common objects jumpers leap and parachute down from. (AP)
Almost two dozen lions and tigers rescued from Guatemala circuses arrived at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, Tuesday, January 21.

Animal Defenders International, an animal conservation and protection group, was able to rescue the cats after 18 months of persuading the government to ban animals in circuses in 2018.

The animals underwent great stress in the circuses, some having their toes clipped to prevent claw growth or their canine teeth removed.

Animal Defenders International have conducted similar operations in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia and rescued nearly 200 animals. (REUTERS)
RJ Barrett sits down to talk about a variety of topics including adjusting to his rookie season with the New York Knicks, advice he's gotten from Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony and former Phoenix Suns legend Steve Nash, and checking in on New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson as he works back from injury.
Several aftershocks jolted Puerto Rico over the weekend as thousands of residents continue to sleep in the streets following a series of earthquakes. Governor Wanda Vázquez officially submitted a major declaration request but has yet to hear from President Trump. Washington Post reporter Arelis Hernandez joined CBSN AM to discuss Puerto Ricans' lack of trust in the government.

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