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BBC News 16 Nov 2020

'Storm Eta ruined my home'


Storm Eta has brought torrential rain and high winds to Central America and has devastated the home of 22-year-old Honduran Aileen.

Luckily her family, which include her 75-year-old grandmother, mother, two brothers, sister and two dogs, were able to escape before the floods hit.

When she returned two days later, her house was still standing but everything inside was ruined. Now she is trying to rebuild her life.

Producer: Oliver Jarvis

Tropical Storm Eta was squatting off western Cuba on Tuesday after drifting away from South Florida, where it unleashed a deluge that flooded entire neighborhoods and filled some homes with rising water. (Nov. 10)
Cities in South Florida mopped up after Tropical Storm Eta flooded some urban areas with a deluge that swamped entire neighborhoods and filled some homes with water that didn't drain for hours. (Nov. 10)
Over a period of four days, Tropical Storm Eta drenched a huge area of central America from Panama to Southern Mexico.
In Tabasco on the Mexican Gulf coast, floods left at least nine dead and thousands homeless.
While rescue workers in central Guatemala continue to search for people trapped under mudslides.
In Honduras, one of the countries worst affected by the storm, thousands have been displaced.
And residents in Florida's Tampa Bay area are preparing for what authorities are warning could be a hurricane coming their way.

Al Jazeera Manuel Rapalo reports.
About 150 people are missing and feared dead in Guatemala after tropical storm Eta triggered mudslides in a remote mountainous region.
Dozens of people have been killed across Central America since Eta made landfall on Tuesday.
Al Jazeera's Alessandro Rampietti reports.

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