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Stop the Tape! Schumer: The Fear Mongerer in Chief


Stop the Tape! Schumer: The Fear Mongerer in Chief

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer outlines Democrats' problems with the current coronavirus stimulus bill, and instead calls for a "workers first" proposal.
Footage from the Bacolod Public Information Office shows 220 couples wearing face masks and tying the knot in a government-sponsored mass wedding, Thursday, February 20, in the central Philippine city of Bacolod, amid the threat of the new coronavirus.
The world was stunned when China's government announced the shut down of Wuhan, the city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak.
The blanket quarantine, designed to stop the spread of the disease, has never been tried on such an enormous scale in modern times.
Wuhan in Hubei Province is home to eleven million people. They've finally been allowed out of their homes after being stuck there for weeks.
Their suffering - and the government's gamble - seems to have paid off.
No new domestic cases were reported for the second successive day.
So should the rest of the world take the same measures?
And is China's experiment the model for us all?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Nicholas Thomas - Specialist in Asian health security issues, City University of Hong Kong.
Steve Tsang - Director of the China Institute, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Al Edwards - Professor and immunologist, University of Reading in UK.
The deadly coronavirus pandemic has stopped the world in its tracks, and exposed a weak spot in the United States' preparedness for a public health emergency. Experts say aggressive diagnostic testing is essential in order to learn where and how an epidemic spreads. But in the critical first weeks of the outbreak in the U.S., one problem after another prevented doctors, clinics, and labs around the country from testing enough people. Patients in America were being sent home as hospitals rationed their test supply, while other countries like South Korea found a way to test hundreds of thousands of people quickly. Now, the U.S. is months behind in understanding the true scope of the virus. Testing capacity is finally ramping up, but is it too late?

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