ESPN 11 Jan 2021

Steve Harvey guesses Stephen A's top 5 Cleveland sports moments


Comedian and Cleveland Browns fan Steve Harvey joins Stephen A. Smith on Stephen A's World to discuss the Browns facing the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL divisional round this weekend. Next, Steve Harvey guesses Stephen A's top 5 Cleveland sports moments.

Team Rising shares their thoughts on polling that shows Donald Trump as the top choices among Republican voters in 2024.
President-elect Joe Biden threw his weight into the Democratic battle for control of the US Senate on Tuesday, as his White House win was finally acknowledged by top Republicans and holdout foreign leaders.
Chris Simms discusses Marlon Humphrey's performance for the Ravens so far in 2020 and how the 24-year-old goes underrated as arguably one of the league's best cornerbacks.
UN figures show China was the largest recipient of new foreign direct investment in 2020, overtaking the US for the first time. The Chinese economy brought in 163 billion dollars in investment as the coronavirus outbreak spread across the world. That compares to the 134 billion attracted by the United States.

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