CNN 22 Nov 2020

Stelter: This is the ultimate show of weakness


CNN's Brian Stelter calls out officials in the Trump administration for not taking questions from reporters.

Help can't come soon enough for millions of Americans furloughed or out of work. CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin and the CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the impact of the administration's back-and-forth on stimulus. Aired on 10/09/2020.
Jeremy Bash, the former Chief of Staff at the CIA and Department of Defense in the Obama administration, joins MSNBC's Craig Melvin to reiterate the importance of making sure every vote is counted and to share how the President's comments impact the perception of the United States' democratic process abroad. Aired on 11/4/2020.
Alia al-Hathloul is the sister of Loujain al-Hathloul, a Saudi women's rights activist who has been in jail for more than two years without trial. In an interview with FRANCE 24, Alia al-Hathloul said she was "very worried" about the worsening health of her sister, who began a hunger strike on October 26. With Saudi Arabia poised to host a G20 summit from Saturday, Hathloul appealed to the Saudi authorities to release her sister.
The deepest pool in the world recently opened, not far from the Polish capital of Warsaw. It's called, appropriately enough, Deepspot, and it goes 45.5 meters down at its deepest point. The surrounding pool is open to swimmers at every skill level. But if you want to go deep, there's a concrete tube for that. It even has simulated caves and ruins, for training. The Polish pool won't be deepest for long, however; there's a pool under construction in England that will be 50 meters deep.

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