Euronews 26 Aug 2019

Stalemate: Italy's politicians fail to reach agreement on new government


A failure to reach a consensus improves Matteo Salvini's chances of getting his wish of new elections. …

Brexit talks have been put on pause after London and Brussels failed to reach agreement, according to Michel Barnier.
The Liverpool coronavirus testing pilot failed to reach the city's poorest residents, raising questions about the scheme's effectiveness, leaked documents have revealed.

Half a million people were offered tests in November, including a new form of rapid lateral flow testing, carried out by NHS staff and the army.

It was the first city-wide scheme of its kind and a dry-run for Boris Johnson's "Operation Moonshot" - a billion-pound plan to provide regular, nationwide COVID-19 testing.
Britain and the European Union failed on Friday to secure a trade agreement, saying talks would be paused so negotiators could talk to politicians to get better guidance on where to go next.
Funding from capitol hill will soon move to the frontlines.
Our nation's leaders have finally reached a deal on a COVID-19 relief package.
Now, this $900 Billion package heads for official vote.

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