C-SPAN 13 Feb 2020

Speaker Pelosi on Roger Stone Case


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemns President Trump's intervention in the sentencing of his former associate, Roger Stone. She says the president "has no respect for the rule of law" and she calls his intervention in the case "an abuse of power."

President Trump is insisting he didn't tell Attorney General William Barr to intervene in the Roger Stone case, even though he says he has the "legal right" to do so. This comes as Barr said Trump should not tweet about Justice Department matters. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and Politico's Anita Kumar join CBSN with more.
Roger Stone will be sentenced despite requests for a delay and push for new trial; Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano reacts. #FoxNews

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Delivering her weekly address, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Trump's proposed budget, criticized his tax cut policy, and spoke out against his tweeting about the DOJ taking over the Roger Stone case.
Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reacts to 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden campaigning in South Carolina and Roger Stone's case. 

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