C-SPAN 10 Dec 2019

Speaker Pelosi announces USMCA Trade Agreement


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces USMCA Trade Agreement: "There is no question of course that this trade agreement is much better than NAFTA."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "He shredded the truth in his speech, he's shredding the Constitution in his conduct, I shredded his state of his mind address."
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemns President Trump's intervention in the sentencing of his former associate, Roger Stone. She says the president "has no respect for the rule of law" and she calls his intervention in the case "an abuse of power."
Trump pledged $50 billion in COVID-19 aid. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House would approve a bill that would help cover testing costs even for those who are uninsured. Testing efforts ramp up.
In a midday address, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for President Trump to end his lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

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