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Voice of America 11 May 2020

South Korean Officials Disinfect Schools Before Reopening



Health officials disinfected a high school in the South Korean capital of Seoul, Monday, May 11, as schools prepare to reopen later this week.

Scientists don't know how long immunity lasts, but they said that relapsing cases were actually because of testing failures.

Officials disinfected the western Washash district of Baghdad, Iraq, to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, Monday, April 6.
South Korea says its troops have exchanged gunfire with North Korean forces along their tense border. It's the first cross-border shooting incident in more than two years. A statement by the military said North Korea fired multiple gun shots across the DMZ towards a South Korean guard post early on Sunday, and South Korean troops responded with two rounds of gunfire. The incident comes a day after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared in public for the first time in three weeks, ending speculation about his health.
Public health officials say there are three keys to reopening the economy: a diagnostic test to determine if someone currently has coronavirus, an antibody test to find if someone had it already and might have immunity, and contact tracing to identify who has crossed paths with someone infected.

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