CNN 9 Jan 2020

Sources: US increasingly believes mistakenly Iran shot down Ukrainian airline


The US increasingly believes that Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner, according to multiple US officials. The working theory is based on continuing analysis of data from satellites, radar and electronic data collected routinely by US military and intelligence. All 176 people on board the Boeing 737 were killed.

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition has confirmed that one of its warplanes has crashed in Yemen's northern al-Jawf province.
Houthi rebels say its forces shot down the Royal Saudi Air Force plane on Friday.
Houthi media is also reporting that at least 40 civilians were killed in coalition air strikes in the region's al-Masloub district.
Hussein al-Bukhaiti, Yemen and Houthi affairs analyst, speaks to Al Jazeera.
More than 237 people have died of coronavirus in Iran, and critics say the government was slow to respond to the outbreak because it failed to take it seriously.
Syrian rebels claim to have shot down a government helicopter Tuesday in the country's northwest where Syrian troops are on the offensive in the last rebel stronghold, opposition activists said. (Feb. 11)
Syrians inspect the wreckage of a military helicopter belonging to government forces, Friday, February 14, after it was shot down over the western countryside of Aleppo province, killing its entire crew, according to state media.
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