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ABC News 14 Jan 2021

Some Republicans join Democrats in Trump's second impeachment


With only seven days left in the president's tenure, 10 House Republicans joined Democrats in impeaching Trump for inciting an insurrection. He is the first president to be impeached twice.

NBC News' Danny Cevallos breaks down the next steps in President Trump's second impeachment process.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she saw a "big difference" in the evidence that could be used in the second impeachment trial of President Trump. "The whole world bore witness to the president's incitement," she told NBC's Garrett Haake. Aired on 01/20/2021.
"Usually when the Senate tries to ram something through that quickly, it's a conservative Supreme Court justice." Late night hosts marveled at the possibility of President Donald Trump's second impeachment following the deadly Capitol riot.
Donald Trump's second impeachment moves to the Senate the week of January 25th. Lower house lawmakers delivered the impeachment document to the Senate. The trial is delayed to allow President Biden time to get his administration up and running. CGTN's Roee Ruttenberg and Lincoln Mitchell, an Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science at Columbia University discuss what to expect in the next few weeks.

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