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RT America 13 Jan 2020

Soleimani killed to protect petro-dollar, says Pentagon official


Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof talks to Rick Sanchez about the "punitive rather than preventive" assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Maloof explains that talks between Soleimani and the Saudi Crown may have spooked the US to punish Soleimani for encroaching on their turf.

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US President Donald Trump told reporters he has been taking a drug used by lupus and arthritis sufferers to protect himself from COVID-19
Dr. Zach Armstrong, an emergency room doctor at the University of Louisville Jewish Hospital, tells Ali Velshi that the coronavirus "storm" is coming to Kentucky, so he is isolating in a trailer parked outside his home to protect his wife and son. Aired on 04/10/2020.
Navajo tribe member, Allie Young, created "Protect the Sacred," a social media campaign calling on the youth to protect their elders, their language and their culture.
Rafael Bedolla is among the thousands of meatpackers infected with the coronavirus. Bedolla, an employee at the JBS meat processing plant in Marshalltown, Iowa, tells CBS News "many" workers are seriously ill, but the facility continues to operate. "We are essential workers, but they have to protect us more."

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