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Voice of America 13 Sep 2020

Soldiers Clash with Protesters at March for Justice Over Lebanon Port Blast


The Lebanese army fired warning shots into the air and threw rocks at protesters during clashes that broke out as anti-government demonstrators marched toward the presidential palace in Baabda, just outside Beirut.

Hundreds of Lebanese marched Saturday on the presidential palace to denounce a lack of progress in a probe by authorities into a monster blast that ravaged swathes of the capital 40 days ago.

Some marchers carried black versions of the Lebanese flag in a sign of mourning for the more than 190 people who were killed in the August 4 explosion at the Beirut port, and others demanded the president resign.

Twenty-five suspects are in custody over the tragedy that occurred when nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer that had been left unattended in a port warehouse exploded.

The blast, which wounded thousands and destroyed homes and businesses across large parts of Beirut, was one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever.


Authorities clashed with protesters in the French capital Paris over a new security bill that would restrict the right to publish images of police officers. The issue came into focus after footage emerged of police beating up and racially abusing Black music producer Michel Zecler. Opponents say the law would prevent such images becoming public -- and could cover up official misconduct.
South African police clashed with protesters rallying against racism in Cape Town, Friday, November 20.

The Economic Freedom Fighters and its supporters were protesting a whites-only year-end dance at a Cape Town school held last month.

The protesters dispersed and re-grouped a few blocks away.

EFF members tried marching on the school a few days after the dance and were met with students' parents, some of whom engaged the protesters in fist fights. (AFP)
About 133,000 people took part in protests against the controversial security bill in France on Saturday, including 46,000 in Paris, according to reports.

Violent clashes reportedly erupted near the end of the route on bastille square. Protesters threw projectiles at the police, put up barricades, smashed windows and lit fires, while law enforcement forces used tear gas and a water cannon.
Impatient Diego Maradona fans clashed with police at the Argentinian presidential mansion, Thursday, November 26.

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