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Sobriety Is Trending. This Is How Businesses Are Catching On


As more people cut back on booze, non-alcoholic breweries, bars and spirits alternatives and are popping up to give the so-called sober curious a range of options beyond conspicuous non-consumption.

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Medical dramas and sitcoms are looking to the coronavirus pandemic for material for their 2020 plots. Here is how covid-19 is shaping TV shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "The Good Doctor," "Superstore," "This Is Us" and "Blackish."
Even in a year like 2020, the British royal family always gets attention. Despite pandemics and lockdowns, the House of Windsor still made headlines from behind palace walls. From surprise weddings and lawsuits, to refusing handshakes and not wearing masks, this is how the royals raised eyebrows in 2020. Inside Edition Digital's TC Newman has more on Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and the other members of the royal family.
#Twitter and #Facebook suspended Donald #Trump on Wednesday over posts accused of inflaming #violence in the #US Capitol, as social media scrambled to respond to mayhem by supporters buying into his baseless attacks on the integrity of the election. FRANCE 24's Alyssa Caverley explains why this is a 'big step' for both Facebook and Twitter.
Chrissy Metz says it was "necessary" for "This Is Us" to highlight a Black Lives Matter discussion between her character and Sterling K. Brown's. (Jan. 7)

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