CNN 3 Oct 2020

Smerconish: The political fallout from Trump's diagnosis is still to come


CNN's Michael Smerconish recounts a series of 2016 "October surprises," and how Trump's coronavirus diagnosis might affect the 2020 election.

US President Donald Trump and the first lady have contracted COVID-19, just a month before the presidential election. The news reverberated through world media and financial markets. The political ramifications of Trump's infection could be sweeping and change the course of the US elections and the next presidency. The news of an American president contracting a potentially lethal virus already carried global repercussions beyond that of any other world leader.
Joe Biden says President Trump's positive COVID-19 result is a "bracing reminder" to take the coronavirus seriously. CBS News campaign reporter Bo Erickson has the latest.
Speaker Pelosi on Senate Republicans: "They are on a path to undo the Affordable Care Act. They are on a path to undo a woman's right to choose. And there are many more issues that relate to the LGBTQ movement. Clean air, clean water, pollution. They're coming after your children. Protect your children from what they are trying to do in this court." Aired on 09/21/2020.
Some advisers tell NBC News President Trump did not deliver many of his planned remarks during the chaotic presidential debate.

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