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The Guardian 6 Feb 2020

Six packs, success and solitude: men in the media


In this week's episode of Modern Masculinity, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani looks at how images of men in advertising and the media might be negatively impacting on how they see themselves. While campaigns targeted at women have changed hugely in the past 20 years with campaigns such as Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty changing the images of beauty for women, men's adverts haven't had the same transformation. Iman speaks to those in the advertising industry who are working to change the way we see men in adverts. She also takes the conversation around aspiration and success to the streets of Bolton, and puts the top questions to schoolkids at Ladybridge High School.

Australian adventurer Seb Terry set out on a journey to find happiness through completing 100 things he wanted to do and helping others along the way.

The U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds and Navy's Blue Angels conducted flyovers in New York City and other cities in the Northeast on Tuesday to salute to frontline workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. CBSN's Vanessa Murdoch reports.
Women around the country are changing their birthing plans as patients infected with covid-19 fill hospitals.
There is a division between how rural and urban areas are handling the coronavirus outbreak. Many states are starting to reopen even while cities within them remain under stay-at-home orders. Washington Post national correspondent Griff Witte joins CBSN to discuss the divide among leaders around the country.

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