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NBC Sports 19 May 2020

Simms City: Building the Perfect 2020 NFL Team


(3:40) Simms City: Building the perfect team
(8:30) Quarterbacks
(17:00) Defensive line
(25:15) Defensive backs
(34:20) Offensive line
(42:00) Wide receivers
(53:00) Tight ends
(1:03:00) Special teams
(1:05:00) Running backs
(1:12:30) Linebackers
(1:21:20) QB Jeopardy: Big Phil Simms' career
In an effort to build his perfect team, Chris chooses the best team at every position group in the NFL. What team has the best QB room? D-line? WR corps? And in another edition of QB Jeopardy, Paul again tries to stump Simms by testing how well he knows his dad's career.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell joins Get Up to discuss preparations for the virtual 2020 NFL Draft, announcing draft picks from his basement and how the NFL season is impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
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Big Phil gives his takes on who he sees ending up in the bottom 5 during the 2020 NFL season.
Chris Simms joins Lunch Talk Live to share his opinions on some of the top prospects entering the 2020 NFL Draft, looks back on his experience being drafted and more.
Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take and discusses what happened last season with the Browns, the recent drama surrounding his teammate Odell Beckham Jr., the 2020 NFL Draft picks and expectations for QB Baker Mayfield.
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