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Should The Covid Vaccine Be Mandatory?


Who should be required to take a Covid-19 vaccine once it's approved and available? Can employers or the governments mandate that? Outbreak response expert Dr. W. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University's School of Public Health joins to discuss. Aired on 12/2/2020.

With a coronavirus vaccine approved in the UK, and other countries expected to follow, many are asking when they will be vaccinated and if it will be mandatory.

So how might the rollout be carried out around the world? BBC Outside Source's Ros Atkins takes a closer look.
Speaking from Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said 1.1million people - 1.3million across the UK - have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

And he said that within two to three weeks, one in four people in the most vulnerable groups will have a "significant degree of immunity".

Next week seven vaccination centres will open in sports stadiums and exhibition centres.
Drugmakers are racing to have COVID-19 vaccines approved after releasing promising early results.
It's raising hopes that the pandemic can be brought under control.
The head of Australia's national airline, Qantas, says vaccines should be mandatory for international travel in future.
However, surveys suggest some people are not willing to take the shot.
So what's behind the hesitation?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Dr Mati Hlatshwayo Davis - Infectious Disease Physician, Washington University School of Medicine

Shabir Madhi - Professor of Vaccinology, University of the Witwatersrand

Oksana Pyzik - Senior Lecturer and Global Health Adviser, University College London School of Pharmacy
The FDA authorized the Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in the U.S., marking the fastest vaccine development in history. NBC News' Dr. John Torres looks at how far the vaccine has come in 2020 and what to look out for in the new year.

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