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Voice of America 13 May 2020

Shooting in Kashmir Triggers Anti-Indian Clashes


Anti-Indian protests and clashes erupted in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, Wednesday, May 13, after Indian soldiers shot and killed a young man at a checkpoint.

Heavy clashes broke out in Kashmir close to a site where Indian security forces killed a top rebel leader and his aide. Riyaz Naikoo was the commander of the biggest separatist group fighting Indian rule. Naikoo was killed during a counterinsurgency operation.Cellphone and mobile internet services were shut down after his death. This sparked anti-India protests, officials and residents said people gathered in Beighpora where the gunfight took place to mourn Naikoo. India has more than 500,000 troops in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. There are fears his Naikoo's death could spark more unrest.
The RCMP is currently investigating 16 crime scenes spread across Portapique, N.S., and other nearby communities, after the worst mass shooting in Canadian history. Pierre-Yves Bourduas, former RCMP deputy commissioner, says the case will be a logistical nightmare for investigators.
Gabriel Wortman, 51, was arrested earlier today by RCMP in connection with an active shooter situation that began late Saturday in the rural community of Portapique, N.S.
The suspected gunman is dead after what police are calling a random shooting spree; Eric Shawn reports.

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