CNN 14 Nov 2020

She went to jail for her friend's fatal overdose. Now she's advocating for Oregon drug reform


Morgan Godvin, a recovering heroin addict and a commissioner on Oregon's Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission, joins CNN's Michael Smerconish to discuss the state's historic vote to decriminalize the possession and personal use of drugs.

A Florida woman was ambushed at gunpoint in her driveway before being tied up inside by armed robbers in a terrifying home invasion caught on camera. She was getting ready to leave when she was suddenly rushed by two masked bandits exiting a car parked on the street. Right before the first attacker reaches her, she spins around and throws her cup of coffee at one of them, the video shows. He then points his gun at her and forces her to the ground, before ordering her back inside the house.
#Armenia accused #Azerbaijan of firing missiles into the capital of the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh on Monday, while Azerbaijan said several of its towns and its second-largest city were attacked. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry accused Armenian forces of shelling the towns of Tartar, Barda and Beylagan. Ganja, the country's second-largest city far outside the conflict zone, also was "under fire," officials said.
A woman was barred from boarding a plane at LaGuardia Airport because she was wearing a low-cut top. Kayla Eubanks said she was getting ready to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago in a black halter top and long red skirt when the gate attendant told her she was violating the company's dress code. She recorded the encounter on her cell phone. Southwest said they "do their best to promote a family-centric environment." They also said they apologized to Eubanks and offered her a refund.
Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett returned to Capitol Hill for a third day of confirmation hearings, during which she was called "unashamedly pro-life" by Sen. Lindsey Graham. He told Barrett that "a seat at the table is waiting" for her. (Oct. 14)

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