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CBS News 7 Feb 2020

Sentencing for Wisconsin woman who admitted to stabbing ex-boyfriend to death begins today


In this week's "48 Hours," a hearing begins today in Wisconsin for a young woman who admits stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death but claims it was in self-defense. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas joined "CBSN AM" with more.

Last week, school children and their bus driver in Hartley, Iowa, wanted to do something special for a woman who waves to their bus every day — so they surprised her with a sweet message for her 93rd birthday.
Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker shares his thoughts as to why the Democrats are now fighting U.S. Attorney General William Barr, calling it 'all partisan politics'
Prime Minister Boris Johnson told U.K. lawmakers that the coronavirus pandemic posed an "enormous challenge" to the nation.
A woman whose airplane sat was turned into a punching bag mid-flight is speaking out. It happened on a flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina. Wendi Williams reclined her seat shortly after takeoff and moved it back to the upright position after the male passenger behind her asked her to do so while he ate. After he was done with his meal, she reclined her seat again. She said that's when he started pounding her seat with his fists. Williams caught the whole encounter on camera.

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