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Associated Press 25 Mar 2020

Senate passes $2.2 trillion virus rescue package


The Senate late Wednesday passed an unparalleled $2.2 trillion economic rescue package steering aid to businesses, workers and health care systems engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic. (March 26)

United States President Donald Trump on Friday signed a $2.2 trillion economic rescue bill to help lift the economy and address the coronavirus pandemic.
His signature came after the Democratic-led House of Representatives approved the sweeping package by a voice vote earlier in the day, despite a procedural challenge from Republican Representative Thomas Massie, who wanted a formal recorded vote.
The bill had passed the Republican-led Senate on Wednesday with overwhelming bipartisan support in a 96-0 vote.
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports.
The Senate unanimously passed a massive stimulus package late Wednesday night in an effort to jumpstart an economy decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bill provides more than $2 trillion for workers, small business and industries impacted in recent weeks by the virus.
The United States Senate has approved a historic $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package to help bolster its economy badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
The House of Representatives is now reviewing the bill which would provide a financial lifeline for healthcare staff, struggling workers and businesses.
The number of coronavirus cases in the US is approaching 70,000 and more than 1,000 people have died.

Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports from Washington, DC.
Democratic and Republican leaders in the Senate say help is on the way for American workers and businesses slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, with agreement on a roughly $2 trillion dollar rescue package. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joined CBSN to discuss when that relief could reach the public.

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