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Associated Press 13 Feb 2020

Senate acts to restrain Trump's powers against Iran


A bipartisan Senate majority voted to pass a resolution Thursday limiting President Donald Trump from ordering future strikes against Iran without first seeking Congress' explicit permission. (Feb. 13)

A bipartisan majority in the Senate voted to limit the president's powers to take military action against Iran. The move is largely symbolic, with the president threatening to veto the measure. CBS News' Katherine Johnson reports.
Senate passes a bipartisan war powers resolution restricting President Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran; insight from Utah Senator Mike Lee, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. #FoxNews

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2020 candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is looking toward South Carolina after a weak finish in Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden went to South Carolina early to speak with voters about his fight to end Trump's presidency.
Panel: Will Obama try to swing the convention against Bernie

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