MSNBC 6 Feb 2020

Senate Acquits Trump On Articles Of Impeachment - Day That Was


The Senate on Wednesday voted almost entirely along party lines to acquit President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of justice. In a dramatic speech on the Senate floor, Republican Mitt Romney of Utah said he would vote to convict President Trump on the first of two articles of impeachment. Aired on 2/5/20.

At today's coronavirus briefing, President Donald Trump repeatedly criticized the World Health Organization's dealings with China, and accused it of not acting soon enough to help countries deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. In response, he said he was cutting off funding to WHO. However, taking a look at Trump's own words from the past few months shows him both praising the WHO's response to China, and ignoring the WHO's advice. And Trump's push to reopen the economy comes as WHO issues guidelines for when countries should consider it safe to do so. The U.S. has not yet met any of those guidelines. Aired on 04/14/2020.
America just had its deadliest day yet in the COVID-19 pandemic, but Trump is seemingly pushing ahead with plans to reopen the nation which is reportedly being questioned by business leaders meant to be on his own economic council. Aired on 4/15/2020.
President Donald Trump discussed the possible uses of heat, light and disinfectants to treat the coronavirus during Thursday's White House briefing. (April 24)
The White House announced a new "blueprint" for coronavirus testing today, but there wasn't much new about it. President Donald Trump continued to promise that the federal government would help states expand testing capacity, but there were few details about exactly how that would happen. Much of the plan's execution is left to the states and the private sector, and experts say it's still not enough to ensure a safe reopening of the economy. Aired on 4/27/2020.

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