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Sen. Rand Paul on FISA: Real reform will be offered in 2 months


The Senate has approved an extension until May of surveillance powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. In an exclusive OAN interview, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said real reform of the FISA law will be offered in two months with his amendment exempting Americans from being targeted by the FISA court and warrants. One America's John Hines has more from Capitol Hill.

Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, says he strongly believes Obama 'gave orders' on Michael Flynn case, and weighs in on heated argument with Dr. Fauci in Senate hearing. #FoxNews
Amid the memorial for George Floyd, Sen. Cory Booker lambasted Sen. Rand Paul on the Senate floor on Thursday for holding up an anti-lynching bill.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was the first U.S. senator to be diagnosed with the coronavirus. Since recovering from the virus, he's been volunteering his time at a hospital in Bowling Green to help treat patients. One America's Stephanie Myers has more.
Sen. Rand Paul: "I don't think you're the end all. I don't think you're the one person that gets to make a decision."

Dr. Anthony Fauci: "I have never made myself out to be the end all and only voice in this. I'm a scientist, a physician and a public health official."

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