MSNBC 7 Oct 2020

Sen. Durbin: Don't Understand Why Trump Pulled Out Of Covid Relief Negotiations


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) discusses President Trump pulling out of coronavirus relief negotiations. Aired on 10/07/2020.

Rachel Maddow explains how a "pocket veto" could doom a Covid relief bill for weeks if Donald Trump doesn't take a break from golfing at Mar-a-Lago to clean up the mess he made by injecting himself into the negotiation process after both parties, both chambers, and Trump's own representative had already agreed to the terms of the bill. Aired on 12/24/2020.
Following the second impeachment of President Trump, NBC's Pete Williams reports on how the Senate would have the precedent to pursue a trial after he has left office.
Several aid programs are set to expire in the coming days unless President Trump signs the latest COVID relief bill into law. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid spoke to CBSN's Tom Hanson about what's standing in the way of the extension of added unemployment benefits and eviction protections.
Democrats and some Republicans have taken steps toward impeaching President Donald Trump again, including having already written an impeachment resolution for "incitement of resurrection."

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