C-SPAN 5 Feb 2020

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) on Articles of Impeachment


Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) on Articles of Impeachment: "I did not run for the Senate hoping to participate in the impeachment trial of a duly elected President, but I cannot and will shrink from my duty to defend the Constitution and to do impartial justice."

The Senate on Wednesday voted almost entirely along party lines to acquit President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of justice. In a dramatic speech on the Senate floor, Republican Mitt Romney of Utah said he would vote to convict President Trump on the first of two articles of impeachment. Aired on 2/5/20.
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): "When the framers wrote the Constitution, they didn't think someone like me would serve as a United States Senator. But, they did envision someone like Donald Trump being President of the United States, someone who thinks he is above the law..."
Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) reacts to Hallie Jackson after Michael Bloomberg announced he was leaving the race for the Democratic nomination. Jones says that this, along with Mr. Bloomberg's endorsement, will only help former Vice President Biden in his pursuit of the nomination. Aired on 03/04/20.
Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) tells Chris Hayes the federal government should consider bailing out employers who continue to pay furloughed employees' wages amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 03/19/2020.

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