C-SPAN 5 Feb 2020

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) on Articles of Impeachment


Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) on Articles of Impeachment: "I did not run for the Senate hoping to participate in the impeachment trial of a duly elected President, but I cannot and will shrink from my duty to defend the Constitution and to do impartial justice."

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) says Donald Trump's lack of any action in response to the reported Russian bounties on U.S. troops is creating an "atmosphere of fear." He tells Lawrence O'Donnell he wants Donald Trump to publicly demand answers from Vladimir Putin and promise to take the "appropriate action" should the reports be true. Aired on 7/7/2020.
Non-released songs from recording sessions in the past two years make up Norah Jones' new album, "Pick Me Up Off The Floor" (June 11)
Lawmakers are demanding answers over what the president and U.S. intelligence knew about an alleged Russian plot offering bounties on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan. President Trump also came under fire on Sunday for sharing a video on Twitter of supporters that included shouts of "white power."
Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., discusses infection rates in his state, why he says GOP colleagues should have been promoting mask wearing a month ago and what he thinks about handling confederate monuments. Aired on 07/01/2020.

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