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Fox News 30 Sep 2020

Sen Cruz: Biden 'trying to hide' by not answering court-packing question


Sen. Ted Cruz weighs in on the first presidential debate and the issue of court-packing on 'Fox & Friends'

Sen. Gary Peters slammed President Trump and those of his supporters he says are trying to "undermine the will of the people" by casting doubt on the veracity of election results.
President-elect Joe Biden said President Trump is "not fit to serve" while answering reporters' questions yesterday.
The White House released a video touting the actions being taken by the Biden administration to combat coronavirus.

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Joe Scarborough, author of "Saving Freedom: Truman, The Cold War, and the Fight for Western Civilization" and host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", discusses the similarities between President Truman and President-Elect Biden's transition to the Presidency, and how Joe Biden can bridge a gap between parties. Scarborough says, "Joe Biden will be the first President this century that really understands not only the United States Senate and Washington D.C. but really understands the give and take of the legislative process."

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