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One America News Network 22 May 2020

Sen. Cruz: Biden tried to dodge responsibility for scandal


The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote next week to authorize a subpoena related to the FISA abuse investigation and oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. One America's John Hines caught up with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to get his take on the imminent Senate investigation.

President Donald Trump says that he takes no responsibility for a spike in people using disinfectants improperly after dangerously suggesting last week that ingesting it could serve as a coronavirus treatment.
Back in January, the Air Force promised One America News it would release all passenger lists showing Hunter Biden flying with his father and former Vice President Joe Biden aboard Air Force 2. However, they suddenly reversed their decision and have said they will not publicly release the lists. One America's Richard Pollock has this exclusive report from Washington.
The Senate has denied Joe Biden's request to search for and release any records of an alleged sexual misconduct claim against him from a former aide Tara Reade. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBS News campaign reporter Bo Erickson joined Elaine Quijano to discuss the controversy.
Former US President Barack Obama urged US high school seniors graduating this year to "do what you think is right" in his commencement address on Saturday.

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