C-SPAN 4 Feb 2020

Sen. Cory Booker on Impeachment of President Trump


Sen. Cory Booker: "This is a sad day, this is a sad moment in the history of this body and in our nation."

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) talks to Chris Hayes about leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic, calling Trump's behavior and rhetoric "wildly irresponsible." Aired on 3/24/20.
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Despite the media's continued criticism of President Trump, recent polls have found Americans have confidence in the president's prompt response to the ongoing pandemic. One America's Jenn Pelligrino has the details.
New Jersey Senator and former democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has formally endorsed Former Vice President Joe Biden. Booker says he has the "broadest reach to bring the most people together." NBC News Correspondent Mike Memoli spoke with Booker while he was on the campaign trail with Biden in Michigan. Aired on 03/09/2020.
Best-selling author and founder of "Turning Point USA" Charlie Kirk joins Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly to discuss the intricacies of who is distilling the legacy of President Donald Trump, who may be the next president after him if re-elected, and beyond.

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